Abs are made in the kitchen…

My journey so far…


Basically I have been on every diet going, from slimming world to dukan. I never stick at anything and hate being restricted. I haven't ever been hugely overweight but at only 5ft tall (ok 4ft 11) I can't put on much weight without it showing a lot. After two children its taken a long time to get back to a reasonable shape, and its taken a lot of exercise to do this too. In between this my weight fluctuates a lot, sound familiar? I think its part of being a women to be honest. I'm crap at sticking to things and my downfall in the last has been weekends and alcohol. The only diet that truly worked was dukan, I lost about 9lb in 7 days. Obviously it all went back on…..

Anyway a year ago I was newly pregnant and not wanting to put on a silly amount of weight, whist not being on a diet. I ate what I wanted really but found I wanted to eat really good things for the most part. This wasnt the case in previous pregnnacies… I also found myself clean eating without really realising it, and I think I gained about two and a half stone. After the baby was born I lost two stone without even trying – all thanks to breast feeding. – Another reason to bf! After 6 weeks I decided I wanted to start exercising, and felt ready physically. I'd had a c-section but felt really good this time around, much fitter then previous post natal periods. I wanted to shift the last half a stone but obviously breast feeding I couldn't really diet, so I looked more in depth at clean eating and adjusted my diet a little. It didnt take much and feeding a baby upto 8 times a day left me hungry so clean eating allowed me to eat as much as I wanted whilst giving me all the nutrients I needed for myself, and my baby via the breastmilk.


I'm not perfect with my diet, ill be the first to admit that. I know if I was I'd be half a stone lighter and a good weight. Do I ever eat junk? Yes. I actually enjoy some fast food. I do generally steer clear of the Golden Arches, and after I read about the chicken thing with KFC I won't be going there again. I don't mind Burger King actually, but can't remember the last time I had any of these. My downfall is definitely eating out, or eating on the go. I've been away recently a lot staying at my Mums after my Dads death and there has been a lot of food on the go and little prep time. These are not excuses, they are reasons. Once a week on a Saturday evening usually we get a Indian takeaway. I won't ever give this up, I look forward to it all week! I think sometimes the more you deprive yourself the quicker you fail. My way around this is to eat from a small plate, and go easy on the portion sizes. I try and be really clean 80% of the time.


Now the baby is 6months old I am weaning her (there's more about this in the parenting section) this means I can up my protein some more. I was worried before about too much protein in case it affected milk production (paranoid) and also I'd heard that too much exercise can affect milk production so I did just a few workouts a week. I go spinning and do kettle bells. I am going to start weights this week. I want some definition and strip down this layer of belly fat that's become attached to me (literally).


Oh I forgot to add, I'm on holiday in 8 weeks. Bikini time. This is another reason for the blog. I thought if I blogged a food diary and took pictures then this may help me, and maybe you.



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