Eating clean

So what is clean eating?

It's basically defined as eating food in its most natural state, or as close as can be. It isn't a diet or a fad, its a lifestyle that all the family can benefit from. It will leave you feeling healthier, and even losing weight whilst not having any restrictions, counting points, calories etc. In fact forget calories, it isn't that important its what's in the food that matters more. Counting nutrients is so much more important, and will be of more benefit. What I love about this is that its simple, I can eat if I am hungry, and actually if you're wanting to lose weight as I was when I stumbled across this, then filling up on protein rich foods is the way to go.

The basics

Labels – get label savvy, look at the whole picture. Something low in calories that may look appealing actually may be high in saturated fats or sugars. I've been suprised by how much I've learnt over the past 6 months. The whole carbohydrate / sugars thing is quite shocking really in some foods. Especially when it comes to children's foods like yoghurt. I feel conned by some labels, and when I was younger just looked at the 'added calcium' or whatever on the label. You just get drawn in and what you don't realise is the tiny pot of yoghurt is full of sugar actually. Petis filous, you kind of lied to me. I really liked your little French chic adverts too.

Drink drink drink. Nope not the stuff with % on the side of the bottle, sorry. I'm talking of plain old H2o. It's so surprising how many people just don't drink enough. I bet you if you started drinking a good 2l of clear fluid a day that within a week you'd feel so much better, and perhaps less hungry and maybe even losing some weight. When I used to diet I'd lick up a 12 pack of diet coke or coke zero. Seriously, it said diet on the side so must be ok right? No wonder I was always so bloated and lethargic. Not to mention the stuff is thought to be carcinogenic. Eek. I used to go a day without drinking anything bar diet coke, maybe 2-3 cans. No other fluid. I had to sort myself out with that, I hated tap water so I switched to buying sainsburys bottled water with a hint of lime/lemon. It was lovely and for about £1 you could get two 2l bottles. Then they switched the recipe and added loads of sugary crap to it and it tasted vile. So I bought volvic sugar free with a hint of lime water, 7 bottles and would start the day with a huge glug and gradually go through the whole thing. Iy would take all day and I'd be peeing like a pony to start with. Now I usually drink one of those by about 2pm latest and switch to plain water. I do also drink plain bottled water with a wedge of something. I also drink green tea. Loads of it. Again with a hint of something. I reckon at the moment with the tea and water I average sound 3l – 3.5l a day. Not bad for someone who only used to drink a few cans of sweetened, carcinogenic stuff is it?

Sugar sugar. Avoid refined stuff, as well as some sweeteners. Sweeten things naturally with honey. I sometimes use some sweeteners, I will list which ones.

Eat little and often, keep your metabolism on its toes.

Fats. We need them, honest. All of the right ones of course. Your body does need to function with fats, good fats are found in avocados, nuts seeds and more. I will list for you in another section if you're interested. So many diet foods are labelled low in fat, yet they are pumped full of artificial stuff to create flavour.

Carbohydrate. Well I've been on many low carb, no carb etc diets. What I had never learnt is how carbs break down and are stored. I also hadnt twigged that carbs aren't just found in bread, potatoes and pasta but in fruits and vegetables too, along with other food sources. We need carbs there's no doubt about it. It's our body's fuel. During digestion, all carbohydrates are broken down into glucose before they can enter the bloodstream where insulin helps the glucose enter the body’s cells. Some glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles for future use, like fueling a workout. If there is extra glucose, the body will store it as fat. So in short if you're not that active but are consuming lots of carb heavy foods then they will be stored as fats. Complex carbs are better as they enter the bloodstream slowly, release insulin slower and stabilise blood sugars for longer. They are less likely to be stored up as fats too.

Protein is a great food source and provides your body with cell function and repair, especially important after a workout. It keeps you fuller for longer and is beneficial when wanting to lose weight. I would say I consume more protein on my plate than any other food group per meal.

GIYF – means google is your friend. If you googke clean eating then a whole abundance of info comes up. Instagram was where I really developed my love for clean eating and there are some very inspirational pictures on there, from normal people who have lost weight this way and look great. They post recipes, share tips and its good if you need a nudge. I will link my instagram account up.


Hmmm I think that's it for now.



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