Preparation is the key..

I am usually on the go so tonight I made up batches of clean foods and things to grab to snack on. I need to focus hard over the next few weeks. Here are some of my culinary delights. Recipes to follow…

This is a breakfast, it consists of oats, non fat milk, raspberries, greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of flax seed. If made the night before the oats soften, and it can be made in a tub if you're on the go.

This is nearly the same as above, but no oats! I drizzled some light honey inside the glass. It looks great, tastes great and is full of nutrients.

Chicken, 1kg of it to use in dishes, or as a snack. It doesn't look great here I have to say. I tend to griddle mine, sometimes I season it. I eat a lot of chicken.


So I've cut cucumber & peppers into strips for me and the kids, they've gone into Tupperware boxes and will beon hand. We're doing blw with Bella so they come in useful for her too.

I've got the chicken in there too, cooked prawns and chorizo, salad boxes made up, snacks and more.


The big tubs if Greek yoghurt are from lidl, great value. We get through loads as the kids often have it with something at breakfast time, or in lunchboxes.


I'm ready for the week and my new challenge 🙂





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