Daily food diary – Monday 8th April

So far today I've eaten:

Breakfast was a big one. I had egg white omelette and the oat/yogurt combo I have pictured. I always drink a big glass of water before I eat any meal but at breakfast time I'm so thirsty I always need to do this anyway. I washed it down with a cup of green tea

Lunch was a quick soup, I used 2 of the chicken breasts I'd Pre made yesterday and added it to some stock, chilli flakes and onion and let it simmer. Ok it wasn't as tasty as Heinz cream of chicken but its seriously low in fat and high in protein. I like it as I love spicy food. Win win.

Dinner was a king prawn, chicken and chorizo dish with garlic & chilli. It's one of my favourite dishes as so quick, I usually go easy on the chorizo as it can be fatty, but the one I use isn't too bad. You could also add cooked brown rice to this for some complex carbs.

I had a boiled egg for a snack and had a Greek yoghurt & fruit for dessert. I've done well on my protein / carb / fat ratio today. I track these with my fitness pal.

I also made some yummy granola. It tastes so much better than shop bought stuff and much healthier. Ill add it to the recipe section.

I averaged about 43% protein today, 26% carbs and 41% fats, although majority of these were healthy fats.

I drank a gallon of water today. Literally. Five whole litres and green tea on top. I needed a good detox.



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