Food diary Tuesday 9th April


I started the day with a huge glass of cold water, and a green tea. I then and low fat Greek yogurt with some of the granola I made last night, I can't get enough of this stuff. Love love love it.

Lunch was a wholemeal wrap and salad, full of chicken it was. I added some nandos hot sauce as its really low in sugar / carbs. I love sauces on food.

Dinner was a quick omelette as I was late home. I added some low fat mozzarella to it, and chilli.

Snacks today were just a egg and I had a Starbucks strawberry frappucinno, but I went skinny and had non fat milk 🙂 I'm going to try and make my own tomorrow as I love drinks like this and even though it was not too high in sugars and fats I know these things aren't great still. I was out in the shopping mall and usually would've gone to TGI Fridays for dinner but resisted and decided I'd have the drink instead to bide me over til I got home. I also drank loads again today. Not quite the 5L water I drank yesterday but nearly.


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