Food diary Wednesday 10th April

I started the day with a big breakfast as I had little sleep and needed some power!


I am loving my granola and yogurt, so that was breakfast, along with a spinach and strawberry smoothie.


Not forgetting the Green tea and 2 glasses of water. I have to drink a big glass before I eat and then one afterwards.


Lunch was an omelette today as I was in a rush as it was my daughters birthday. I was really good at the party and just nibbled on one sandwich I'd made and carrot sticks. I will admit to having a slice of birthday cake with her and I feel absolutely no guilt for this whatsoever. I think its important to teach your kids to eat well, and practice what you preach. But I also think its healthy to indulge with them here and there. Everything in moderation šŸ™‚ I think sitting there watching them eat because they know you're not 'allowed' it can actually be bad for them. When I've been on certain diets before and they've sat and eaten a different meal to me for example, it gives out the wrong message maybe? I've seen a few instagram pages of women who aren't competing but are really into their training and they show pictures of basically a plate of cauliflower and diced chicken. That's all well and good, but the picture a week before was showing a perfectly reasonable meal with a caption of how she was so disciplined not to sit and eat the same with her kids. I find that a little sad. Although I totally get why you'd need to eat at different times and be very disciplined if you're competing. Plus who can live solely on cauliflower? Actual boak.


Dinner wasn't anything really bar a few oatcakes and a cheese triangle. The kids ate at the party so I just nibbled as I wasn't really hungry šŸ™‚


I drank loads again today. I'm feeling better and luckily not peeing so much.


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