It isn't what it used to be is it? Too many ads, and other annoying stuff cluttering up my news feed. I wanna see what so and so did at the weekend, or photos, I love photos! Another thing that bothers me is the like stuff. Like if you are against this or that. Now sometimes I get the guilt, and like it. Then I get annoyed with myself, or course I'm against the bastard cancer or child abuse. I don't need fb to prove that. Lots not even go there with the 'like this and mum will let me have a puppy'…

Then there's the PDA's. I sometimes get a little bit sick in my mouth with them. Some folk continually have to write about how much they love their wife/husband/kids. Now I'd say 99% of us love our better halves, and kids. We don't need to tell the whole world do we? Well ok, sometimes yes we do because we feel grateful or euphoric with contendedness (I made that word up right?) but seriously all the time? I wonder if that's because deep down its an insecurity thing? If you love the person, turn to them (as they're probably say next to you watching Eastenders) and tell them. The whole world doesn't always need to know. It doesn't make me go 'ooooh I never realised that person loved their kids. Who knew?'

I realise this makes me sound like a grumpy arse, I'm not though. Honest. I probably also bore people with my fb ramblings, but somethings I keep to myself and my family and one of those things is telling them how much I love and care. I don't care what the www thinks, they don't need to know. My family do.

So this article made me chuckle, and its got some valid points. Worth a read.



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