Its only words…

No I'm not about to sing a cheesy ballad from Boyzone, or was it west life? I can't remember. I didn't like neither anyway. Bar the accents of course. Who doesn't love a good old Irish accent? I think its my favourite. Gerard Butler in PS I love you – there are no words. Hmm actually I quite like Mark Wahlbergs accent in Fear. Its that Bronx twang no? I've always loved Mark Wahlberg, ever since the Marky Mark and the funky bunch days. Now I'm really showing my age right?

Anyway. I digress. I came across a link to a blog about how we speak to our children, it really has made me think about my language and the way I put myself across to my children. I'm not the perfect parent, I make mistakes. I don't smack, because I don't believe in hurting a child to enforce something. If my other half hit me he'd be called a wife beater and could go to jail for it. Why is it any different for children? Plus can you imagine somebody way bigger than you about to physically hurt you? Exactly. So I'm more of a shouter to get my point across, but I realise this isn't always the best way either. And you know what, shouting doesn't always help anyways. It just makes emotions run higher, and your point can get lost along the way. I try every day to make sure my kids feel secure, happy and loved but I know the shouting is my downfall, and I try not to. When I came across this article it reinforced that even more. Have a read and see what you think.


Its only words



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