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He's my latest concoctions




This is a quick (I know I do a lot of quick recipes right?) chicken dish. 4/5 chicken breast in a tray, sprayed with fry light. Season. Add some green veg – I added some spinach, broccoli and peppers. Then I added a carton of chopped tomatoes. Popped it into the oven for 40mins. Just before the end I sleeved some half fat mozzarella to melt in

I then served it with brown rice and some mushrooms that I added garlic too. It was great. The whole family ate it. This is what I love about clean eating, just good food, no faffing about doing separate meals or counting points.

As you know I love puddings. I made this berry crumble from oats, peanut butter me coconut oil. Just mixed it all up and added it on top of some fruit. The custard is an old favourite of mine. It's 3 egg yolks and non fat milk (3/4 of a pint) with some vanilla essence, although I've used cinnamon before, which is lovely too. Just mix your yolks and flavouring up,whilst milk is simmering on the hob. Then add the ingredients, whilst stirring constantly. After 5/6 mins it will be cooked, I leave to stand for 5 mins to thicken. It's a lovely egg custard.




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