Fitness – My story

I have tried many types of exercise. I used to hate PE at school and never exercised again until I had to. Which was when I had my first child. I'd gone from a petite size 8 and around 8.4 stones to nearly 11st 7. I took eating for two to the extreme, and didn't think about afterwards. Not that I think you should worry too much about weight in pregnancy, but its not just about weight is it? Nutrition is a big thing and I have to say a combination of not being a great cook (having my first home) and not having very much money didnt make for a great diet. Anyway I gradually lost weight and got into fitness and did 4-5 classes a week. After a year I looked and felt better, and finally those jeans fit once again.

Second time I was more careful, but exercise was not so enjoyable. I had less time. I didn't enjoy it and my weight yo-yo'd. People always say I'm small but I'm barely 5 feet tall, so maybe height wise but an extra 7lb can look bad on my frame. Plus its how you feel isn't it? I'm a big believer in healthy body healthy mind.

As I've said before I tried every diet in the book until I found eating clean. 6 weeks after having Bella I was at my first fitness class, I was determined there were no excuses this time and despite having my third c-section I felt really good. I did a fitness class with the baby, outdoors. It was cold, but we soon warmed up! Then I tagged on some spinning classes and kettle bells workouts. , 5 months on I absolutely love my classes. The instructor is great, fun and approachable. I am in the best shape I've been for years, yet ironically its been in the shortest time!

I feel if you want to do something, you will. No excuses. Yes I like to feel and look good, but I also want to be healthy and promote this with my children. I want to be a good role model, I want them to be active and healthy too, and we practise what we preach right?




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