Sunday musings

Modern technology..

What would we do without it?

Since my dad died I've been able to communicate with lots of people through Facebook mainly. Its been a god send actually, looking at old pictures, arranging things with people and generally story sharing. Its been really useful.

I've also been able to talk to my brother and sister at the same time through group messaging, its been comforting, healing and just nice. We've shared all sorts of stories, worries and how were feeling and its better than therapy. Why? Because we're all going through the same thing and can relate to each other. It feels like the 120 miles between here and there are closed in, and when you're feeling homesick or sad, or both (because I often do) its great.

My dad once went nuts at me because I ran up a £450 phone bill at home by calling some then boyfriend 200 miles away, I always used to try and make a joke of it by saying “come on Dad, its good to talk” mimicking the BT advert. I can't write here what his response usually was but it was one that'd have us all smiling.

I miss my Dad, a lot.



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