Judging a book by its cover?

We've all done it haven't we? Looked at someone and thought they're a certain 'type' or whatever. I think anyone who says they've never judged is lying actually. Whether its done innocently or in a not so nice way we've all been there.

I'm the sort of girl who likes to wear make up every day, I feel bare without it. I like my hair to be nice and I love wearing nice clothes. I work out, and eat well. Some might call it vain but I enjoy taking care of myself. I expect people even judge me turning up at the school looking polished every morning 🙂 if you see me not getting out of the car, and with shades on – in December its probably because I've either done a nightshift and haven't got out of my PJs or the baby has had me up all night and I haven't got dressed!

So when my dad was really ill and we got called to the hospital I literally got out of bed early that morning, as did my sister and we each drove 120 miles to the hospital without even thinking of our appearance. We spent the next few days like this, bare faced, barely eating, I threw on some clothes and had none with me, and actually had to go and buy clean underwear and vests. My sister was saying to me the other day about how awful we must have looked walking around the supermarket, in a daze after being told our dad was unlikely to live beyond a few days. She said something that really brought home some home truths. She said that she will never judge someone looking unkept again, because they may have just had some awful news, they may be in the middle of a really tough time as we were.

It made me think, and I can honestly say that I won't think badly of someone who may not have the same choices as I do, or the same opinions on how I look. I used to think women who let their self go after having children were maybe a bit lazy, well maybe they are but so what? It has no bearing on me anyway so why should it bother me.

So the message I kind of wanted to get across was that behind every face is a story, and we should think before we judge.



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