Exercise.. I don’t have time…

That old chestnut. Except you do, if you want to of course.

There's lots of excuses out there – too tired, haven't got time, kids take up my time, work, injury, dont want to build muscle (haha at this one), my fat will turn into muscle (double haha) etc. You get my drift. Yet these same people are usually the ones who moan about their weight and say diets don't work for them. Sound familiar? It does for me because I've been that person, as well as heard these excuses from others. I don't believe that any person can't fit 20mins or so 3 times over week into their schedule. That's 1 hour out of over a hundred in a week.

My deal? I've tried all sorts in the past, from personal trainers to Zumba. I don't dislike exercise as such, I just did it for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to look good but quickly, and then got bored once I didn't see quick results I suppose. Now its a lifestyle thing. I started exercising when bella was 6 weeks old. I'd had a c – section too so I didnt hang around this time! I felt ok, so did buggy fitness classes, outdoors in November. Freezing and muddy? Yes, but that wasn't a reason not to go. I thought if I can do it in this weather I can do it anytime. Sharon, the lady who run the classes also did spinning classes and kettle bells so I took this up too. The classes initially were 30m so I didn't feel bad about leaving the baby. It was good for me to do something for me too. As you know my dad died, he wasn't the healthiest person ill admit that, and this has been one of my reasons for keeping at it. Its not just about wanting my body shape to change, which it has bit it's about being healthy on the inside. I want to be fit, I want to be strong and healthy. Looking good is a bonus 🙂 so I've got 3 children, one obviously being a baby who takes up a lot of my time, she still wakes frequently during the night and I'm still breast feeding her. I admit I'm a bit OCD and keep my house in pretty good clean and tidy condition, I see my friends, I make all my own food, I go for walks after dinner and do activities with the kids. I'd say I'm fairly busy. Next week I'm back working shifts as a midwife, ill be even busier. Yet I still find time, because I want to. This is what drives me. You know what, I feel tired some days and don't feel like going to classes but I do go because its my one thing I do for me. Plus I come away feeling really good, sweaty but good!

So I'm helping you to find a solution, if you want to of course. If you've not heard about clean eating then read about it in my section on clean eating. Here's some exercise tips for you.

Find something you like. If you don't like it the first time, that's not unusual. Keep at it and try it a few times first. If you've not exercised for years then likelihood is you're bound to detest it, let alone enjoy it. The first time I did spinning years ago I was sick, literally. Vowed never to go back. Guess what I love now? Yep. I get the shakes if I don't go. If you're not good at self motivating then maybe the gym is a bad idea, unless you've someone to push you a little, or even better a personal trainer. For me, time is of the essence so I go to classes, that way I'm in, out and done within the hour and know I've worked hard. I used to go to the gym and sit on the bike / cross trainer watching Jeremy Kyle. The shame.

So try a class, there's loads out there. Zumba, spinning, step, circuits. Exercise doesn't have to be long periods, running for 45mins n a machine isn't the only way! research has shown that short bursts of exercise are really beneficial and good for fat burning. I started off doing 30mins of spin class, then added a high impact class for 30mins after which incorporates interval training – its really intense but the exercises last for 20 seconds a time, so just when you think 'shit I can't take no more' you get a quick break. I also love kettle bells and its great for all over toning. I have a great instructor and she has looked after me well since I had Bella.

Don't fancy a class to start with? Really pushed for time? Try exercise at home. There are various DVDs you can get. I've heard the 30 day shred is fab, but brutal. Personally I love the kettleworx regime, its just 20minutes a session, and good results. Don't tell me you can't squeeze 20 minutes into your day, 3 times per week? You can if you want to. Got a smart phone? Download some free apps. I use the free yoga, free butt workout, free arm workout, and the others from the same group. They're fab, and again short. I used to do 2 a day just 3 times per week. Oh and walking, do some power walking. Get a walking / run tracker app and log your distance, and walk! Take friends and use it to catch up on thr latest gossip and burn fat whilst doing so! I live in the country and its amazing here for walks. Got kids? Walk them to school. I do this weather dependant (yes I hate getting wet, cold is ok no to the wet) I've walked most days in the last few weeks since its been dry, with the baby strapped to me as she likes it, and as she's teething its a god send having her snuggled up as she's so content there 🙂 I live in a beautiful village, the school is 1 mile each way so wven if i do just 1 of the school runs a day thats still 2 miles of brisk walking. I'm suprised by how many people jump in the car and drive down. Get out and walk, its good for you and your kids! My kids prefer walking, my oldest walks with his wee friend most days anyway.

The main change in your shape will obviously come from your diet, and by diet I don't mean diet as in restriction of food I mean what you're eating. I don't believe in diets, calorie counting, points and syn counting. They may work for some but not long term. That's a fact too because I watched a panorama programme recently on slimming world and WW and something like 75% of people had regained their weight. You can't count points for life. Eat clean, and everything in moderation as per my clean eating threads. A useful tool is the my fitness pal app. Now as I said I'm not a lover of calorie counting and my fitness pal requires you to put in a calories goal. That's fine for the sake of the app, but its more important you look at your nutrient content of food, and read labels. By having MFP, and logging your food for a few weeks you'll see from the pie chart how much protein, fats and carbs yore consuming and actually having it in black and white what has passed your lips can be quite surprising. Sometimes its just some subtle changes, and I believe apps like these food diary ones help. Plus if you've got friends, you can egg each other on (look me up!) be nosey and look what you've each eaten and share recipes. You can also log exercise into there.

I've found some great sites for inspiration. As I've said before Instagram is brilliant, hashtag clean eating and you'll have recipes for life, hash tag fitness you'll get tips, if you're on there the links above will tell you how to find me. Below are some others.

Muffintopless – absolutely brillaint site

Workout nirvana again, great for hints and tips

Eat healthy work hard this young girl from Sweden is amazing with her clean eating recipes and pictures. She's just 18 too

Look these guys up on Facebook and twitter, as well as instagram. You don't need no fancy gym membership, expensive recipe book, or money just some motivation and you'll get there. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

I'm not saying here, hey look at me I'm great. Its saying there's a way, try this. I aint no expert, but im passionate and want to help. There's opportunity these days, any exercise is better than nothing.

Lastly, no excuses. If you want it you can have it.



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