My favourite beauty products

Thought I'd share. Well its 1:30am, and I can't sleep so why not? I am actually annoyed at myself, the baby is fast asleep and I am not. Talk about Sod's law.

Now I'm a big lover of beauty products, I love make up and have been a fan of many brands over the years. I tend to get a bit OCD and get a product from one brand, then collect other items so my make up case matches. I know, I know…

I've tried brands from Clinique, Lancôme, Dior, and my all time favourite – MAC. I adore MAC, they're colours are endless for eyes, the lipsticks vibrant, and I think in photographs you see the real benefit of flawless skin, and pretty eyes. I'd love to work for MAC when delivering babies gets boring.

I've always used their foundations and have until recently loved them. However a friend recommend a cheer brand of foundation after I asked her what foundation her daughter had in a picture, it looked amazing and flawless. Helped of course by the fact her daughter was gorgeous. Anyway this brand was revlon and it was their photo ready foundation and much cheaper than what I'd been using. I love it, and although it pains me to say it, I prefer it to my current MAC one. I do use two layers though for more flawless evening wear. Definitely one to try. However… I just bought this weekend after seeing it loads on Instagram this one

Its Armani luminous silk foundation. I'm a bit dissapointed that the sales assistant was rushed and wasn't very thorough with talking me through this, I kind of expected more from an expensive brand. However it is a lovely one to use. I can't say I love love it yet, i just love it, but its a really easy one to apply, and no blending is needed, nor powder on top as its oil free.

Lips wise I can't live without MACs lip conditioner. Its clear, thick and makes the lips look lovely. Lipstick front I'm all over the colour 'blankety' and get lots of compliments over this. I also use 'faux', and if I'm feeling daring 'up the amp'. I have about 10 more too, but they're occasional ones I use.

I love my palette from MAC and have lots of colours. For everyday I don't use shadow but a base, its actually one of their paint pots and is a creamy base that looks nice. Mascara I use anything going really!

For my face I tend to use anything to remove make up, but for moisturising I use oil of Olay. A good classic. Now and then I use Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream. Its lovely.

The other items in this pic are accessorize highlighter. I sometimes use this as a all over base, or as a cheek highlighter. Its good and only £6. I always have coconut oil too. Now you can use this for everything – hair, skin and also for inside your body! But it has to be pure coconut oil. Its a great store cupboard item for clean eating. The one in the pic is from SuperDrug and is a cheap one for skin only. Its great for massages too, and my dry feet. Pure coconut oil doesn't smell coconuty at all, so don't worry about food tasting of it! Cheap coconut oil as I have here, is very coconuty in smell, and much more oily. My daughter has curly wild hair and a few rubs of this through her hair and there's no whining in the mornings.

So there you have it, some of my favourite products.



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