A ramble about my blog

I started this blog to air my feelings on clean eating and a bit of life, but its ended up being less about clean eating and more about my life. You know writing things down really helps me rationalise, and I wear my heart on my sleeve for the most part so sharing my feelings isn't something I'm afraid to do. Its actually quite therapeutic this blogging.

So recently my life has been taken up by preparing my routine with going back to work. I'm a midwife and will be working shifts. I'm mainly doing nights and weekend shifts so I can still spend time with the baby as she is so young still and I really don't want to leave her yet. She's cutting her first tooth and don't we know about it ๐Ÿ™‚ she's a snotty, weepy eyed mess this weekend. I hated leaving her to come to work. She's in safe hands though with her daddy. The other kids are keeping me even busier, Jenson turned 11 last week. How have I got an 11 year old? It seems unreal, and I haven't broken him yet! I'm joking of course. I just sometimes wondered what sort of mum I'd be. He's a lovely lad. So kind and thoughtful. He's in year 6 and going to high school in September. Gulp. Him and his little sister Kooks have such a love hate relationship. The other day we were walking back from school and he told me she'd been told off that day. She snapped back that he'd 'dobbed her in' and he explained that she was talking during assembly so he told on her. Snort. I said to him that was a bit mean, I won't tell you what she said ๐Ÿ™‚ however he carefully explained (with full hand gesticulating) that he is a year 6 monitor and he can't be seen to show favouritism and actually, if she was naughty then tough. All the while I walked behind them smirking as she was getting more irate and listening to them was funny, He's got a point though hasn't he?

My other half (Miller as we call him) was asking me the other night what I write on here and I told him any old rubbish really. He said 'oh I bet you never mention me'. Which I probably don't actually, but should as he's been pretty amazing recently. He's good at the best of times, but since my dad died he's stepped up a notch. You know he might not do big grand gestures like buy me 12 roses every Monday, he might not appear affectionate and tactile. But you know, he's loyal, caring and looks after me well in so many other ways. He doesn't complain much. He will work 12 hours, come home and help load the dishwasher, sweep up and doesn't moan once. He baths the kids every night, does the homework duties. He's a very hands on dad. I am lucky, I know this. We've had lots of hard times, and I'm sure people have said we won't last. I'd like to see other couples still as strong as us after some of the things we've been through. Strip everything away from our relationship – money, meals out, superficial and materialistic things and were still good. We've been to the bottom, we've got back up, dusted ourselves off and are still here. The reason I don't plaster all over Facebook how much I love him, and appreciate him is because I don't need to. He knows these things, I tell him. To his face. I don't need to write it on any social media sites to prove it. I'm very dubious about those that do if I'm honest.

In other news, I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks. With the family of course. We're off to Egypt, have been before, love it there. I'm getting my usual Pre holiday panic though. Flying is one, but more so I get the panic about my kids being abducted. Yeah I'm neurotic but since the whole Madeleine McCann thing, I'm a wreck in the lead up, and first day or so until I relax. I see trouble everywhere me, even when it isn't there.

So that's it for now. A ramble about not very much at all ๐Ÿ™‚



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