Wrap them up in cotton wool


What happened in London yesterday was a terrible terrible thing. Due to said events I'm reading some vile stuff on my Facebook. Racist, disgusting 'send them back' type comments. I'm appalled but not shocked at some people's ignorance, it holds no bounds. So far I've barely commented because I can't express myself how I'd like to but lets just say I've hit the delete button many times..

I'm not going to say anymore because my blog isn't about race, religion or anything else. Its about my feelings and thoughts, my rambles. All I can say is that I want to wrap my children up in cotton wool, I fear for their future. Hate breeds hate, and an eye for an eye makes the world blind. All I can do is bring my kids up with an open mind, teach them right from wrong, teach them that someone's skin colour doesn't define them and to not be ignorant. If I can do that then there's hope for them. I just wish other people would do the same then maybe our children's future would be safer.

Night for now.



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