Blog from a plane

I've been slack at blogging (again). I totally blame work, it gets in the way for sure. The past few weeks I've worked a mixture of nights and long days and the transition from being solely at home to again becoming a working mum hasn't been easy!


Anyway I'm currently sat on an aeroplane heading south to Egypt, we've been waiting for this holiday for a long time. Its overdue and much needed after a shitty few months. I'm sat listening to music with my earphones on, I've got a child either side of me, ones playing on the ipad the other is doing a puzzle. The baby is sat on Millers lap (start as you mean to go on). I'm feeling pretty chilled but that's probably something to do with the fact I dropped a chill pill an hour ago due to flying. I've never been fussed about flying and when I'm with just a friend, or alone (it doesn't happen often) I'm more relaxed. There's something about flying with kids that makes me nervous. Ill blame 9/11 for that.



Anyway I shall publish this later, in the mean time I will write my latest musings on the past few weeks, wth a drink in my other hand and also publish those later.


I could get used to this.



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