Regaining some control

Is my plan for the week. This is with my usual routine, diet and the like. I know I've got a bit of the Father's Day blues and holiday blues but what's been missing from my life for just over two weeks now is my usual routine of regular exercise and clean eating.

I relaxed the diet whilst away, it goes without saying. I didnt eat shit but if I wanted something I had it. Even though I was lounging in forty odd degree heat I didn't drink as much water (idiot) and instead drank soda and shandy as well as the odd cup of water. I ate bigger meals, and had desserts. I haven't actually put on weight – yay to that but I feel sluggish. Since coming home and the cupboards being bare no me feeling melancholy we've eaten convenience foods more too. I've not and time to exercise and I honestly miss it.

So this week I'm hitting the clean eating hard, and I'm easily going to glug 3-4 litres of the H2o a day. I'm doing my usual two spin and kettle bell classes and I'm going to walk or do some stuff at home too. These things and being back at work will make me feel better, not just physically but emotionally. All week I've felt so drained and I've not pushed myself to do anything. I usually do have a lot of get up and go but felt like I'd left it on my sun lounger in Egypt. I kind of thought I'd just let myself be, and if my body wanted to be tired then let it, but you know long term it doesn't pay as you end up feeling worse for it. Being lazy on the odd day is great, and a treat. Do it too often it actually makes you lazier and more lethargic. I'm a big believer in healthy body, healthy mind. The same goes for clean house, clean mind. I've been crap with the house all week too, I've kicked myself up the arse with that also.

I really do believe people with little get up and go tend to be in a rut, they want to do more but just don't know where to start whether it be their diet they want to change, their house, parenting or whatever. Not really happy with one or more aspect of their lives. Its really easy to fall into a rut. I can see that from just a few days of just wanting to sleep and drop my bottom lip. So I'll stop feeling miserable around midnight, and tomorrow is a new day, a new week and things are going back to how I like them, how they work for me, and us as a family.

Onwards and upwards peeps.


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