Fifty shades of me

I was thinking a few days ago about my personality, and how it has to adapt in some circumstances to allow me to be able to connect with women from all backgrounds as part of my job. I find this easy, and find that I'm pretty open minded and love to hear how different people live their lives. Its great and I think I get to learn a lot. I can be sat with a pregnant drug addict for example one hour, then a lawyer or teacher the next. You have to adapt in this job, and treat everyone the same despite their lifestyle choices. Everyone deserves the same care.

My own personality is pretty diverse I'd say. I have so many different pieces of me, I think maybe even my closest friends don't even see some parts of my personality. I don't know why? Maybe because they don't need to, maybe because I don't exhibit that side of me. I probably fool people a bit with it too, unintentionally of course. I mean I can be ditsy, and a little unorganised sometimes. I am sure when at the ripe age of 27 I said I was going to uni to become a midwife everyone laughed their asses off and bet how long I'd last. Yet I finished my course, with a first 🙂 and got me a job!

In regards to parenting, I can be short fused. I tend to shout (I'm working on this still) but I never smack, ever. Part of me is a free spirit with parenting, I let the kids find their way and then guide them in some aspects. I don't want them growing up too fast, so I don't encourage anything that could facilitate this. For example, my 7 year old womb fruit loves to sing and dance, and is a real show off. Yet she's not into boy bands yet, and I love this! I don't want her to get into this stuff yet, I want her as innocent as possible for as long as possible. I see no bad in this. I don't want her to think because all her friends are doing the boy and thing (they're not luckily) that she should conform. I don't have set bed times, I have guide times. If they go a little later then that's fine. I like them to eat good food, yet am happy to let them have sweets once or twice a week. I'm kind of regimented in some aspects, but not others. I'm a bit of an unlikely earth mother too, yep me. The one with the bleach blonde hair and fake tan. Yes I sometimes bake my own bread, and still breast feed my 8month old baby. Who'd have thought it! For further posts on the unlikely earth mother, see this post —> unlikely earth mother

I'm quite a easy going, funny person. I love to joke, prank and don't mind when its coming my way. Sometimes my sense of humour holds no bounds, but I'd only share it with certain people as some folk really can't take a joke right?! Then there's this other part of my personality, the one that some people don't see, and they don't see it I think for a few reasons. Mainly because its the jokey part of my personality that is the dominant one, but lets not forget even comedians have feelings right? I have found that in the harder times of my life that some people don't tend to bother all that much with me, and I've put it down to two things. They think I've actually not got a sensitive side. Or they're ignorant asses. Or both. Oh thats three things…

But I can tell you that actually whilst I'm not sensitive, I do have a side to me that gets upset / sad / whatever. Doesn't everybody? I can tell you that if some of the things that have happened to me in the past 6-9 months happened to some other people I know, they'd be treated with difference. And you know, that's fine. I go by the mantra of 'treat others how you wish to be treated'.

Appearance wise, I'm pretty much the kind of girl who never leaves the house without a full face, or if I'm post night shifts or just being a slob I put the shades on and a lick of gloss so it appears I'm polished but in actual fact I've got blood shot eyes from being tired, and my post night shift morning breath. I'm such a catch. I love fashion, and do have a weak spot for buying us all new stuff but I don't spend a fortune. I mainly shop at h&m and forever 21 (I can't tell you how much I love forever 21 and have done since I hit up one of the California branches when I was 17). On the other hand I love slobbing about in my PJs, and have been known to spend a whole weekend in them. Lushness. You know you see those women who always look immaculate? Hair in a messy but cool updo, lovely clothes, make up just so? Well I often wonder if they ever drive to school without brushing their teeth, or pretending they're groomed like I do with the shades on and lip gloss on but dog breath? Hmm, probably not. Bummocks.

Music wise, I love everything. Right now my iPhone has a playlist that has everything from Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Rhianna, fleetwood mac, maroon 5 and the fray playing. I heart music.

So that's a little more about me, there's more of course. You just need to scratch the surface.


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