Revisiting clean eating

Just a re-cap post really. I thought I'd do this in case of any new followers *waves* and to just refresh things, and add some cool links.

Clean eating is eating food in its natural state, or as close to as possible. Its not adding any crap to it and not consuming foods that are full of additives or preservatives. You need to get label conscious, learn to know what is in food. If you look at a label and there are lots of ingredients, back away. Less is more. Make your own foods from scratch, simply. Less of the beige type foods, more of the colourful stuff! Forget calorie counting, points and syns. This isn't a way of life. Clean eating is. You can learn how to read labels on foods and look at the nutrient count, not calorie. You want foods that are high in protein, fibre and lower in salt. Fat? We like fat! Good fats though, the ones found in foods like nuts, seeds and avocados. Sugars found naturally are ok, as in fruits. Or honey in smaller amounts. Kick refined sugars to the kerb. And those awful sweeteners that contain aspartame.

Like it? Well the best thing about this is there is no limit! If you're hungry then eat, so long as its clean do not deny yourself anything. Eating lots of protein will keep you fuller for longer, and snacking on protein is great. For example I snack on chicken tikka chunks. Your body has to work hard to break down protein so it tends to use more calories breaking down the food than you've consumed. Protein is good for muscle repair too, amongst other things. Team it up with some complex carbs and you're winning 🙂

The whole family can eat clean and benefit from it. Its not a diet or fad, but a lifestyle.

The what thing about clean eating is that its free to join, and there's no monthly membership. You only have to google 'clean eating' and you've an abundance of information at your fingertips. Instagram is amazing for recipe and inspiration. Find me on ig and follow me, then look at my followers or who I'm following. You will be inspired. Its like an online cook book! There are lots of blogs out there too. I'll list some below.

Any questions, fire away!

My instagram – this is the best place to start. Posts from people like muffintopless, myeatsmartproject, eathealthyworkhard, alexandrabring and many many others have given me a huge kick in the right direction nutrition wise.

Eating clean by me

Workout nirvana

Muffin topless

Fit fun and fantastic

There are more links on my original blog on clean eating, and a post on useful links. I've come across these literally by reading one, and seeing a link to another. Good luck!



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