The snobby side of parenting?

Come on we all know snobby parents right? Now I've been reading some posts by the alpha parent and I'm sure lots of the posts are to get debate going, and boy that happens! But you know although some of the stuff written could be offensive to some, I wonder if sometimes people take offence to things because it hits them where it hurts…

So as I've mentioned before, being the unlikely earth mother that I am (sense the sarcasm) I did some reading the other day that mentioned that mums who breast feed after a certain amount of months, and do baby led weaning and carry their babies in slings tend to be a different sort of mum. Living near Glastonbury I suppose you'd be leaning towards thinking I also ate my placentas right? I didn't. Honest.

So I am still breastfeeding the youngest womb fruit, this is down to two reasons: she still wants to and I'm lazy. Yes lazy. I can't be faffing around 4-5 times a day making bottles. I can't be doing with taking a change bag around and carrying powder, hot water etc. I've done it all before and its hassle for me. I chuck a nappy or two into my handbag, and were off. The biggest thing? In the night, I can pull her into bed and not get up to heat milk. Oh and the weight loss. I never have to worry about running out. Ive breastfed on a plane, in the bath, by the pool, in the park and doing 80mph up the M5 motorway – now I will just add here that I wasn't driving, I was in the back and the womb fruit was in her seat. Yes my breasts are now that stretchy I can lean over and feed. Please do not try and imagine this, it will conjure up all sorts of odd images in your head. You may be scarred for life.

It may sound like I do it for all the wrong reasons, but she still enjoys it too, a lot. We will stop when shes ready, and I'm ready when she is. Can you remind me of this when she's 5 please? :-/

The other lazy thing I do that raises a eyebrow to some is baby led weaning. I've written about it before on here, I'm sure. But its so easy to do you just need confidence in yourself. I read this on alpha parent recently, and it is literally food for thought. Anyone about to wean their baby, if baby led weaning isn't for you, please re think the jar thing. I never realised that they're just full of water. I used them when I first started weaning my first child. I thought it was the safer option, safe they may be but full of goodness they're not. Steam your own veg and feed that to the baby, whether its puréed, mashed or whole and baby led. This blog post by the alpha parent is good reading if you're thinking of how to wean your baby article on jar food

The other issue that tends to come up whenever there's a Facebook post, whether it be on blw, breastfeeding or any parenting matter is the mums who feel its a competition. This I have an issue with. You know the 'oh well I breast fed Zachary until he was 6 and he has a IQ of 453 and was potty trained at 3weeks old'. You know, that type of post. Its fine, be proud. I'm proud I'm breastfeeding my baby still. Yet I'd not brag per se in case it made someone else who couldn't breastfeed feel shit. Then you've got the baby jar debate. Then it goes on and it becomes a competition for some. What we need to do, maybe not judge so much and not offer advice in a 'I'm the best parent' type of way. I love telling people about baby led weaning. Its literally one of the best things I've done for Bella bar breastfeeding her. She will eat such a varied diet, and I don't have to be letting my food go cold whilst forcing a spoonful of something into her mouth. On holiday one couple asked how old she was because they couldn't believe someone so little looking was sat by the pool munching away. Here she is getting to grips with spoon feedin herself. Initially you load a spoon and they guide it into their mouth, then you encourage them to try and take from the bowl. It does get messy ( behind is what's left of her tuna sandwich!) and my OCD is all over the frigging place some days but its ace.

So for me I'm not a snobby parent, I'm actually just lazy.


The alpha parent – its a good read this blog and always gets good debate going, especially the Facebook posts.

The alpha parent on Facebook



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    • It is, I did it first time around and second heating up EBM! Guidance s
      Changes all the time too, with my first you were able to make up batches and reheat now its make as you go – tricky in the night with a screaming baby! 🙂

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