The kids are alright

Ever get a moment where something your child says or does floors you? And in a good way! We focus so much on the bad things they do sometimes that we lose sight of the good things. This past week has done that for us.

My middle womb fruit has been particularly challenging lately, just general back chat – nothing too heavy. I always strive for my children to be good mannered, polite and kind. For the most part they are and the school reports came back last week confirming this, the words written about Kooks completely overwhelmed me and I was so pleased, yet she continued to back chat a few times a day. Is it typical of a 7 year old girl? Is she pushing her boundaries? Who knows but I’m very quick to correct her. We clash, a lot.

Anyway today I was sorting through her school work that’s come home, as it does every end of summer term. I was thinking ‘shit where do I put more stuff’ whilst the other part of my brain was saying ‘recycle bin’ when I read through one of the books. The first page completely floored me. Its below, and reads:

Dear God
Thank you for my happy life and happy family and for saving my baby sister
Please let the flowers in my garden grow

I welled up, and remembered back to when Bella was really poorly. It seems like a long time ago, but when something reminds me it floors me. These simple words from a 7 year old girl about her happy life, and having her baby sister saved made me cry. Sometimes I forget that seeing her little scrap of a newborn sister so poorly, not just at birth but when she was readmitted at 3 weeks old, has probably affected her, and stayed with her more then what I appreciate.

I made a mental note to stop being so hard, and giving her the credit she actually deserves. Yes she can be a feisty madam. But she’s a thoughtful, kind hearted feisty madam who stands up for what she believes in. So long as she continues to be kind and caring, polite and courteous at school and beyond then I’m happy. I wont stand for rudeness but I won’t be so hard, maybe that’s the problem itself. You can’t expect your kids to be perfect can you, and sometimes I forget she is 7.

So what I think I’m trying to say, is focus on their good points and less on the bad. Maybe behaviour will change then. I’m going to try it.

Peace out peeps.


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