My way to start the day

The clean eating is on more of a 70/30 ratio these days, school holidays and days out are to blame for that – and of course my little bit of lack of control. But I'm a big believer in having a little of what you fancy. Its eating out I find hard so I just read to have what I fancy and make sure the rest of the day alls good in the hood 🙂
One thing I do make sure I do every day, is have my huge glass of water followed by hot water with lemon and a green tea. Its a lot of fluid to drink in a short space of time but I feel so much better for it. I try and have a good filling breakfast too, no simple sugars and no packaged crappy cereal bars that's for sure. I usually go for high protein, in the form of eggs with some nuts or fruit. My favourite is porridge, with soya milk, drizzle of honey, and fruit. Today's porridge was served with a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and strawberries with flakes of coconut. The baby had the same but with raisins, and of course her first drink of the day was full of the good stuff too – mammas milk 🙂
Green tea, hot water & lemon and a glass of H2o

The bowls of porridge look like they could be from Goldilocks and the three bears. We just need one more in there to complete the story.


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