Breaking the taboo.

big decisions with little roelets

The odds of getting a hole in one: 15000 to 1

The odds of getting struck by lightening: 50000 to 1

The odds of suffering a miscarriage: 1 to 4.

Those odds are high, too high. Yet despite the common occurrence of miscarriage its rarely talked about. It is almost like a dirty secret, something to be ashamed of. It’s time to change that. Its time to break the taboo. Every baby book and doctor tells you that you shouldn’t tell people of your pregnancy before your 12 week scan “in case something happens” But that infers that you’re also not supposed to tell people that something did happen.

“Why do you care?” I hear you ask. Because ‘something’ happened. We were just over a week away from our 12 week scan, very few people knew that we had another little tummy lodger. We hadn’t even told our families, wanting to…

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