Mondays musings

Its back to school tomorrow. My middle womb fruit goes up a year but my oldest goes to high school. I don't know who's more nervous – me or him. He's excited too so a mixture but all I feel is fear as he will be a small fish in a big pond.

I think because I left a village school with less than 40 children, to go to a high school and found it really difficult at first to get used to the volume of people and everything that goes with it, that worries me a little, his primary school was small too. And he looks so small himself, it doesn't seem possible my first born is off to high school. 11 years have flown by.

I think the most worrying thing though is bullying. It seems to be rife these days, and it makes me so mad. Back when I was at school (long time ago!) bullying was some thing that didn't happen a lot and if it was it was probably because you were a bit different. These days it can be that, as appearance seems to be something that is more apparent these days (for girls anyway) but also there's other ways of being bullied as in electronically – text, email, facebook and the awful site.

I wasn't bullied at school luckily but one of my friends was, because she was mixed race. It was horrible to witness and horrible for her. It was constant but I heard enough. I've got friends who's children have been bullied, and its horrible. Why should a child have to move schools because a person, or groups of people think its ok to make someone's life miserable? For me I'd be appalled if I'd been told my own child was being a bully. Mortified in fact. My kids aren't perfect, and they squabble, fall in and out of friendships sometimes but usual kid stuff. I try and teach them to be kind and treat others how you wish to be treated. If I'd heard they were making someone unhappy and not wanting to be at school I'd be raging. So why aren't other parents doing the same? No one likes to hear there child has been naughty, anything that involves someone critiquing your children and their behaviour stings, and even if its constructive it may not feel good. But I think one of the worst thing is letting your kids know they can do no wrong, because they then think they can get away with anything and they'll be protected no matter what.

I just want my kids to be decent, well mannered and kind. If they can be that then the rest will follow. I'm doing my best most of the time.

I hopefully have nothing to worry about re school and come tomorrow he will come home full of it. In a good way.

Watch this space….



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