Power & Clean eating breakfasts

I love a fried breakfast now and then, but do hate the grease involved. I quite often cook this. Poached eggs, with tomatoes and mushrooms fried in coconut oil, with granary or rye bread tossed into the pan too to me it crispy. Chuck a couple of almonds in to mix your food groups and add nutrients. Its always a good idea to mix your food groups up and breakfast especially so. Start as you mean to go on.

Here are oats with soya milk, and some fresh strawberries, grated coconut and chia seeds. The baby has raisins in hers 🙂

Most important start to my day – big glass of water, then lemon in hot water for detox and a green tea. Its a lot to drink but its a good habit to get into. I drink the water in one hit then the lemon water whilst prepping breakfast / doing lunchboxes / getting stuff done and then the green tea comes upstairs whilst I get ready.

Drinking water is so good for you, Its hard to get into the habit I know. Train yourself to do it though, the benefits are great.

This is another breakfast I have – but quite often have it post workout or evening snack. Its total Greek yoghurt mixed with a little honey, fresh berries and oats. Topped with flax seed. High protein, naturally low fat and filling.


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