Kids breakfast ideas

Its always a rush in the mornings, sometimes it may be easier to throw your kids a cereal bar or give them some coco pops but in all honesty there isn't hardly a bit of nutrient within those things. I always worry about them being hungry and not concentrating, so try and give them a breakfast that fills them up, has slow release carbs, and is yummy. All sugary cereal does is spike your insulin levels quickly but make you hungry again just as quick. Not to mention the damage it does to teeth. There's a lot of hidden refined sugars in cereal.

Here are a few of our favourites. Sometimes it means getting up 20 minutes early, sometimes I prep things the night before. Its little sacrifice to give your kids a good start to the day is it not?

Porridge. I soak mine overnight. I tend to use soya milk for mine and have done since I had the baby, so me and her have soya but the kids still have cows milk. I heat the oats up and then top the cooked oats with a small drizzle of honey and some fruit. Mix in some flax seed too, or chia.

I'm a big fan of eggs. Full of healthy fats and proteins. Scramble them, fry them (in coconut oil), poach them or have them with soldiers boiled. So versatile. I use granary bread, or rye bread for me. The kids won't touch the stuff!

I pop almonds on the side of mine for a boost of extra nutrients

Greek yoghurt and fruit. I use total and its really thick and creamy. I layer it with fruit, can use oats, nut butters, raisins – anything. These can be made up the night before and grabbed from the fridge. I top mine with chia or flax seed.

Smoothies. Easy and filling. I usually go for bananas and strawberries. Can't go wrong. I do tend to give them something to nibble on too, like a whole banana or piece of toast.

Cereal. If you're using one try and make sure its not coated in sugar. Kids need to not have everything coated in sugar to like it. Do my kids eat sugar? Yes of course they do! But to start the day with? No. Certainly not during the week anyway. I very occasionally buy a treat cereal and its used at weekends, but generally a weekend breakfast is pancakes and fruit or an English breakfast. Installing good habits into children is something that should be done early on.

Lastly of they've been up and eaten quite early, and I know it'll be a fair while before their breaktime at school I give them one of these snack bars I made to eat as they're walking to school.

I made them from melted mallows, and multigrain hoops or spelt puffs. Wrapped in baking paper to stop them from sticking and then popped into a bag for freshness. They've kept fresh for weeks.

There you go. Hope you've found it helpful 🙂


One thought on “Kids breakfast ideas

  1. What delicious ideas! I have been going the egg route lately too- when I have the time! Also tried pumpkin-apple-banana bread this week and they loved it! For mornings I am not so organized, my fall-back is frozen organic waffles with almond butter- just pop them in the toaster and boot the kiddos out the door 🙂

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