My weapon of mass destruction…

I'd forgotten how much one year olds get into everything. My perfectly placed things are no longer safe, gates adorn the stairs at the top and bottom and I've reattached eyes in the back of my head.

At the moment Bella seems to enjoy 'the lets get everything out of the cupboard' game. Then let's move to the next one. My kitchen looked like it'd been burgled today, by monkeys.

Then it was nap time (for both of us) I lay on the bed doing some blog stuff, and she pottered about by the bed before joining me. In those few minutes she got her paws once again on my make up. She shattered a eye shadow, drew on the carpet with a MAC eyeliner (that was her auntie Sherris, I accidentally put it into my bag at the weekend 😉 ) and tipped blusher beads over the (cream) carpet.

But how can you get mad with them? To them its just exploring, as annoying as it may be for us. Lesson learnt – pack my things higher. A few minutes later she climbed up onto the bed with me and fell asleep on my chest. Total bliss.



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