Banana protein pancakes

I'm in love with these at the moment! So easy and yum.


You'll need 1 banana

2 eggs

Greek yoghurt

Fruit of choice

Cinnamon if you wish

Mix the banana and eggs, I use a potato masher and a tiny bit of cinnamon. Mash into a smooth pulp.


Meanwhile heat up some oil (coconut is best ) in a frying pan. Add a third of the mixture and cook on both sides. This mixture should make 3.

I stack them and top with Greek yogurt, strawberries and a drizzle of honey. Not an ounce of guilt is felt 🙂



Getting organised

I got this idea from undressed skeleton – I love my new pink chalk pen, its the little things!

I found this useful because my spice cupboard was a mess. I bought the pots from Asda for 50p for 3, so it was cheap to do.

Try it, it makes cooking easier and also looks cute.