Er, Hello..

Well here I am. My very first go at blogging! I’m here because I’ve got a lot to say, and like to think out loud. I like to share and have been called a little (little being the key word here as I’m just 5 feet tall on tippy toes) font of knowledge. I like to share, and like to express myself sometimes with words. Ever felt better after writing something down? Exactly. I’m also awake a lot during the night with my own self inflicted insomnia ~ meet my baby daughter Bella. During these night feeds I often think all sorts of things, and sometimes they’re worth sharing. Honest.

About me…. Well I’m thirty something, but look twenty something. Seriously. Ahem. I’m a mum foremost to three children, they are nearly 11, 7 and 6m. By trade I’m a midwife, and I’m the better half of Miller who has lived in sin with me for ten years. We live right out in the sticks of the south west, UK.

Up there on the ‘its all about me’ section you can read more about me. If you’re interested

I plan on blogging about everything and anything. I’ve discovered ‘clean eating’ in recent times and am hooked, this will probably be my main source of ramblings. Ill also throw in a bit of parenting shiz, midwifery stuff and general crap no doubt. You’ll have to excuse the many typos, a combination of autocorrect and sausage fingers will get the blame.


So there it is. My first post. Here’s to the next ones 🙂


Mama Drops the F-bomb

Love this blog!

Mama Gets Real

Today has been one of those days.  One of those days.


The day began pretty typically for a Saturday with the Hub leaving for work at 6:00am, kissing me gently on the forehead as I barely have the strength to move, both arms trapped under sleeping boys.  As he walks out, I lay, trying to remember when and how they ended up pinning me to the mattress.  I have no clue.  I move.  Eyelids snap open.  Coffee.  Heading into the kitchen, I am struck by the most debilitating pain in my foot.  Crumbling to the floor, clutching my foot with tears starting to sting my barely awakened eyes.  A Lego.  A mother-humping Lego.  And it’s still stuck in my foot.  Right in the sweet spot between the ball and the pad.  I can barely contain it but I am thinking it.  Really thinking it.  Fuck.  It’s not out…

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