I thought I’d add some recipes here. I don’t have time to add in the macronutrients right now but will get around to it soon. Ill also copy this to a section in the categories threads, and add more as I go along – enjoy

Oaty breakfast dish


Greek yoghurt (low fat)

Stevia (optional)



Fill the bottom of a glass or continer with berries of choice (I use frozen), meanwhile mix some oats with some Greek yoghurt. You can add a sachet of stevia too. Add a layer of the oats and then top with Greek yogurt, a sprinkling of flaxseed and a berry. Leave overnight for the oats to soak. There, how easy? You can adapt this dish to your tastes. I make this in little containers too and you can have breakfast on the go

Summer berry fool


Greek yogurt

Light honey

Granola – homemade (see other recipe)

As with the breakfast dish you literally pop some fruit into a glass, layer with Greek yoghurt and top with granola. I used fresh strawberries for this but you can use frozen. I make up a few of these at a time and gran one as a snack or if I’m craving something sweet!

My home made granola


Dried fruit of choice

Nut butter

Light honey

Coconut oil


So you mix the wet ingredients and pop into the microwave for a minute until softened. Meanwhile mix the oats and flaxseed with your fruit of choice, I used sultanas with this but have added dried cranberries before. It’s very versatile. I tend to use peanut butter, but you could use almond butter. I also added some coconut flakes. Literally add all your ingredients into a huge bowl and mix well. Place onto a baking tray lined with paper. Bake for about 35-45mins on about 150, mix a few times whist cooking so it evenly cooks. I’ve also made this mixture a bit wetter and then padded it down into a tray and had granola bars. They’re fab for on the go and lunchboxes, my kids love them. I haven’t put any measurements here because you can make as much or as little as you like. I tend to make enough to cover a baking tray thickly then jar it up. I made 2 of the ones pictured above.

Protein packed quick chicken thai style soup

Cooked chicken breasts x2 cut into strips or tore up

Low salt chicken stock

Onion cut into slivers


Chilli flakes

Mix the stock in a pan of boiling water, and add the onions to soften. Then heat down to a simmer, and add the other ingredients. Simmer for 10-15 mins. You can add any other veg if you wish. I’ve added slivers of peppers before and celery. It’s quite watery, but I like it and make enough up for a few lunches.

Cheaters cheese toasty

Granary bread – I use hovis

Reduced fat mozzarella – lidl do a great one 44p

Red onion

I use my panini maker to cook these, also I find it great for cooking my chicken breasts. It kind of works like a George Foreman grill. Anyway 🙂 make your sandwich, I use half a pack of mozzarella. Onions on top. Chuck it on in. Easy peasy! I have this on those days when you really fancy something cheesy and warm. It’s a great alternative.

Chilli stir fry dish



Chorizo – omit if you want to be super healthy!



Chilli flakes

Literally bung it all into a pan and cook through adding the chilli lastly. I love the chorizo in this dish as the oils give it a lovely flavour and texture. If you want to add some carbs into this add some cooked brown rice. I absolutely love this dish and make up a huge batch. It’s so tasty, and easy to make. This picture does it no justice but try it yourself! This is fast food for sure, but fast good food.


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