Shopping List

Ok so here are some basics I use

Oats – I use lots, usually get supermarket cheap brand

Berries – use frozen its cheaper

Greek yoghurt – lidl do a huge bucket 1kg, its lower in fat and high in protein

Chicken lots of it – I buy frozen fillets as more cost effective

Peanut butter if you like

Almond butter

Rice cakes for above

Cottage cheese is good if you like

Lean Red meat is fine but chicken is best!


Skimmed milk




Lemon & lime

Water, if you hate tap get 7 1.5l cheapo still water bottles and chill them – take 1 out a day and don’t go to bed until empty! Try and build on the 1.5l and drink more each day


Eggs – I get 30 a time from home farm shop, £5 so cheapest around and they’re so big and lovely. Plus free range

Broccoli – again I use frozen

Cucumber – I chop them into sticks at the beginning of week and store into clip boxes. Easy to grab on the go, and also handy for the baby and kids

Fry light

I use my local farm shop when possible. Always for eggs and I get frozen chicken breasts from there too when on offer. Lidl is great for the yogurt, nowhere else stocks it as cheaply for the volume. I get nuts, oats and seeds from there too. Pop to your local health food shop, stock up on herons and spices. My local one sells them by the 50/100g bags and they work out very cheap!

Obviously on top of this I have other fruits & veg, and other things. These are just staple foods. I will add to it.


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