Useful Links

I thought I’d add some useful links along the way.

Clean eating and exercise links below

Muffin Topless

This is a great blog, she has given me many ideas, inspiration and recipe ideas. A great place to start, instagram page is fab too.

Eat clean site

A good place also to start

Eat healthy work hard

This blog is amazing, a young girl from Sweden who shares recipes that are simple to use and clean. She presents food beautifully. Follow her on instagram too.

Workout nirvana

Another fab site, full of ideas, recipes and inspiration.

Parenting sites / feeding issues

Baby led weaning

This is a great place to start. I had the book too, but this site is full of practical tips and a forum with advice.

Kellymom website

Even thought I’m a midwife, when I had feeding issues I turned here. I’d not encountered my particular problem as unfortunately we rarely see women after 14 days of having their baby. Kellymom answered questions, give me advice about weaning and why to delay it and the fb page is also great.

Analytical armadillo

Again, great for feeding advice, gives you food for thought.


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