Er, hello!

Well here I am. My very first go at blogging! I’m here because I’ve got a lot to say, and like to think out loud. I like to share and have been called a little (little being the key word here as I’m just 5 feet tall on tippy toes) font of knowledge. I like to share, and like to express myself sometimes with words. Ever felt better after writing something down? Exactly. I’m also awake a lot during the night with my own self inflicted insomnia ~ meet my baby daughter Bella. During these night feeds I often think all sorts of things, and sometimes they’re worth sharing. Honest.

About me…. Well I’m thirty something, but look twenty something. Seriously. Ahem. I’m a mum foremost to three children, they are nearly 11, 7 and 6m. By trade I’m a midwife, and I’m the better half of Miller who has lived in sin with me for ten years. We live right out in the sticks of the south west, UK.


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